Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds are a stylish, functional, versatile, energy efficient window covering solution.

They are perfect for any size or shaped window and offer insulating properties to control room temperature without compromising on style. The unique structure of Honeycomb shades means that hot air is trapped in the Honeycomb cells, slowing down the transfer of hot air from outside-to-in and inside-to-out.

D&C Design offers a variety of fabrics in a range of colours and styles. There are also a number of different operating systems and design options available.

Honeycomb shades offer a number of distinct advantages:

  • Energy efficiency
    Honeycomb Blinds offer a distinctly modern appearance and are tested and proven to help reduce the cost of heating your home.
  • Superior insulation
    Honeycomb Blinds feature unique air pockets that trap warm air and help to keep a more constant indoor temperature.
  • Minimal light gaps
    Honeycomb Blinds have minimal light gaps, as small as 2mm in recess fit, which is a significant advantage in rooms where a complete blockout solution is required.
  • Sound absorption
    Honeycomb Blinds absorb sound energy, keeping exterior noise out and dulling interior sound.