Curtains are the most eye catching window furnishings in a room. Whether the fabric and treatment being used is subtle, done in natural tones or more majestic bold colours and treatments, the impact on the room is significant.

At D&C Design we can add different headings to create unique finishes. For an ornate style you could consider using an inverted pleated or goblet pleated heading, for a simpler streamlined contemporary finish an S fold pleat or pencil pleat. We can also manufacture custom curtain headings to your specifications.

Curtains can be manufactured from many fabrics including: silks, cottons, polyester, linen and sheer fabrics. Curtains can be lined with three pass block out or cotton linings or certain fabrics such as sheers can be made without lining. The lining adds body and fullness to a curtain. Bumph interlining is also an option to add body to your curtains. This is highly recommended especially when you are using silk as the main fabric.

Curtains can be operated manually by hand or cord or by motorization of tracking systems. There are many different tracking systems available.